Developments with the Trust

All Members / The Oxford & Cambridge Society

Dear All,

Despite many efforts on the part of Society over the last few years, during Saeed Chinoy’s and my tenures as Presidents, to convince the Trustees to institutionalize rather than personalize the Trust and to expand fund raising efforts to tap foreign sources (thereby expanding the capacity of the Trust exponentially) we received no positive response from the Trustees. We even engaged the premier law firm of the country (M/s Haider Mota & Co.) on pro bono basis to advise on suitable amendments but still the Trustees did not respond.

As a result, we wish to inform you all that the Oxford and Cambridge Society, Karachi is no longer associated with the Oxford and Cambridge Society, Karachi Educational Trust and will operate as a separate entity in order to provide deserving students bursaries and scholarships for higher quality education. The Society has already initiated process to legalize itself in this regard. We look forward to your support in this regard.

In addition, my term as President ends on 30th June, 2013 and I thank you all and the Executive Committee members for the co-operation and support extended to me in the last two years. I would request you to continue your usual co-operation with the new President as and when selected/elected.