The Oxford & Cambridge Society, Karachi Educational Trust (OCSKET) was registered in September 2000. The main objective of the Trust is to award scholarships to undergraduatesí students who have already secured places at either (a) Oxford or Cambridge University or (b) undergraduates of high merit at institutions in Pakistan. The paramount consideration for award of the scholarships is the clearly established and demonstrated financial need of the students.

The Trustees are Dr Masuma Hasan, Mrs Mariyah Mazari, Mr Mohammad Rajpar, Mr Makhdoom Ali Khan, Ms Sadia Khan and Mr Farouq Rahimtoola (Chairman).

The late Mr. Tariq Jafar had been the President of the Oxford and Cambridge Society, Karachi, his successor shall be appointed soon.

The Scholarship Committee consists of Dr Masuma hasan, Mrs Mariyah Mazari and Mr Farouq Rahimtoola.

The Annual Bluesí Ball has been the traditional Trust fundraiser event, being held at Acton House, Runnymede with the coordination of the British Deputy High Commission.

Funds raised have been invested partly as an Endowment and partly disbursed as scholarships. Trustís income is tax exempted by the Federal Board of Revenue. The Accounts are audited.

Trust was formed to achieve following objectives:

a) To provide a social forum where alumni of the Oxford and Cambridge universities could meet and interact.

b) To maintain under all circumstances our ties with our Alma Mater particularly at the undergraduate level, by providing scholarships, part/scholarships to suitably qualified entrants to both universities and to keep in touch with the Oxford and Cambridge.

c) To avoid implications of elitism by also funding scholarships at local universities for persons aspiring to a higher level of education, without becoming an outdoor relief society for the dispossessed.

The Oxford & Cambridge Society, Karachi, Educational Trust (OCSKET) currently provides bursaries and scholarships at Oxford and Cambridge. Students proceeding to Oxford or Cambridge are subsidized, in collaboration with the Noon Foundation in England, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and associated Trusts. We have funded 18 scholars to date at Oxford and Cambridge.

The students at local universities are funded entirely by our Trust. 26% of the current students are women. All students are assessed to ensure that financial aid goes to those who need it most, once they have met the requirements for academic merit.

Apart from this, Trust also provide scholarships to local institutions namely NED and IBA. Till now we funded over 175 scholars at local universities.

Apart from these OCSKET have supported vocational training programme during summer 2010 since then we have awarded scholarships at St. Patrick's Institute of Science & Technology and The Citizen Foundation.

High level of education is a necessary condition for economic growth and no country can make significant economic progress if majority of its citizens are illiterate. Without education and the right type of education, we cannot overcome extremism and poverty prevailing in Pakistani Society. If we are to make real, speedy and substantial progress, we must earnestly tackle this issue with regard to the modern conditions and vast developments that have taken place all over the world.