The Executive Committee and Trustees annually award about seven Scholarships for undergraduate studies at home and abroad. Applicants are examined, interviewed, and selected after thorough scrutiny. There is a demanding “merit” and “needs” test to be cleared. There are currently twenty four Oxbridge scholars at NED, Seven at I.B.A and one at IVS. There are three partly funded scholars at Oxbridge Colleges. To date, eleven scholars have graduated, five from NED, three from I.B.A. Karachi and three from Oxbridge. During 2010, funds has been raised for 20 students to attend 6 month short courses which consist of 500 hours of instruction resulting in the award of Sindh Board of Technical Education diplomas. The plan is to increase this number to over 100 students in the coming year.

The Society has helped 56 students with scholarships so far and hopes to increase this substantially over the next few years as our fund raising becomes more effective.

Funds have been invested partly as an Endowment and partly disbursed as scholarships. CBR exemption on donations has been received. The Accounts are regularly audited. The Trustees have recently appointed Dawood Capital Management Limited to manage and invest their funds.


The Oxford and Cambridge Society, Karachi, Educational Trust (OCSKET) is the first of its kind in South Asia. The Trust was registered in September 2000. Scholars may hail from any part of Pakistan and may study any subject. We award one scholarship a year to Oxford or Cambridge. Within Pakistan, twenty nine local scholarships have been awarded to students at IBA and at NED.

The Trustees are Dr. Hamida Khuhro (former Minister for Education, Government of Sindh), Mr. Salman Burney (CEO, GlaxoSmithKline), Mr. Kairas Kabraji (foremost lawyer in Pakistan), Mr. Sleem Majidulla (former CEO, Sandoz) and Mr. Zia Khaleeli (an entrepreneur)

Auditors:   Z. Lakhani & Company

To establish the Trust on a sound footing a number of fund raising activities are undertaken. Amongst them, the Oxbridge Blues’ Ball at the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi is being held annually for the last 5 years. The first Blues’ Ball in Islamabad also held in October 2004 at the British High Commission. It was a huge success. These events have largely provided the funds to start building up the Trusts corpus in addition the Trust have received ongoing support from various donors.

To date, the Trust has awarded one scholarship of £2000 every year to each of its scholars studying at Oxbridge. Three scholars have already completed their studies. Our scholarships to Oxbridge are awarded jointly with the Noon Educational Foundation along with the College or University who make up the remainder of funds required by the scholars. The amount awarded has varied between £5000 to £22000 depending on the need of the individual student and the availability of funds.

Co-Sponsorships with OCSKET

For the Oxbridge scholarships, the Trustees interact with the Noon Education Foundation, UK and through the latter with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

OCSKET and NEF join together provide one scholarship per annum for undergraduate studies. The Cambridge