OCSKET Scholarship 2019/2020

For the information of all we are pleased to state that in spite of the year being disturbed by the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the Trust has continued to work closely with NED in giving out scholarships.

This year we have given scholarships of Rs 30,000 each as follows:

The class of 2020: 18 scholarships in the amount of Rs 540,000
The Class of 2021: 01 scholarship in the amount of Rs 30,000
The Class of 2022: 08 scholarships in the amount of Rs 240,000
The Class of 2023: 05 scholarships in the amount of Rs 150,000
Total funds released has been Rs 960,000.

All the Scholarships are a mix of Merit cum Need and Need cum Merit.

We have, as you all know, been hindered in our ability to fund raise, but we wish to record our sincere thanks to Ms Fatima Ilyas who has graciously donated back to us the scholarship amount we had given her of Rs 80,000 for her 4 years of study.

We hope that the Alumni will support this relationship as on a historical analysis, we have tended to support more female students than males, to excel in engineering, computer science and other fields.

Donations are always welcome as a 4 year study scholarship costs Rs 120,000.

Kind regards,
Farouq Rahimtoola