Trustees letter to Alumni

Dear Alumni,

For those who came to the British Deputy High Commissionerís residence on 14th November,our sincere thanks and for those who could not come, we missed you.

We have been requested by many to record what transpired, so we attach herewith the speech made by the Chairman, and would like to paraphrase the comments made by various Alumni, on the discussions that followed, be it in open forum or privately to the Trustees

One point that strongly came up is that the Society, or for that matter the Trust, does not have a full list of Alumni in Karachi. Consequently it is important that we expand our net. Some present have offered to help, as for example there are many who are at Aga Khan University and Hospital and who are unaware of our activities. There is a suggestion that we place an advertisement before the next function asking alumni to register, well in time to attend. Meanwhile if any of you know other alumni, please ask them to go to our website (, download the membership form and to send it to us at .

It was also clear to all, that our first priority is to have a fund raising event. We, along with some alumni, have started to work on potential events to raise funds. In this regard we are pleased to announce that our Tax Exemption status has been renewed and is valid till June 2020. It was also felt that we should work with the Corporate Sector for Oxbridge Scholarships by replicating the Lucky Cambridge Trust Scholarship.

During the discussions, there was a general agreement that with our limited resources that we should explore primary education. Our available funds would help many more. The dialogue with The Citizenís Foundation will continue, however we were asked to explore other alternatives. In this regard there was discussion on The Trust investing in Teacher Training, as this is an area which is sadly lacking. One Alumna confirmed that she had worked with a Group, but found that the teachers themselves were not responsive enough and results were not as good as anticipated. The matter shall nonetheless be explored by the Trustees as an alternative to direct primary education.

In short ,we believe, the interaction was highly encouraging and the desire of the alumni to see us continue with our efforts in the education field, has left the Trustees with great encouragement.

Again we wish to ask those willing to help to please come forward, as success can only be achieved by a team effort.

Kind regards

Trustees of OCSKET