The E.C has open membership free of cost to all those living in Pakistan or abroad who have attended either Oxford or Cambridge University. It also invites the support of friends of Oxbridge & Pakistan.

Ten years ago the Society formed the Oxford & Cambridge Society Karachi, Educational Trust with a view to promoting
education through free scholarships. 56 free fee scholarships including bursaries to scholars at Oxford and Cambridge have been awarded and now the Society has started a Technical Vocational Training scholarship programme.

The Society consists of 150 members and is now allowing Friends of Oxbridge and Pakistan to become associate members.

The E.C. activities include the annual Oxbridge Blues Ball to raise funds for granting scholarships to students on the basis of both merit and established financial need. The Scholarship committee interviews and recommends a number of students for universities in Pakistan to the Trustees. Selected scholars are awarded Scholarships by the Trustees to centers of high academic excellence.

The Society is now launching an extensive campaign to raise donations from Pakistan, the USA & progressively from the UK, Canada, Europe & the Fareast.