President of the Society

Dear All,

The Oxbridge Society has had no President since last year when we lost Tariq Jafar, but he was kind enough to look after both the Trust and the Society,

There is since his demise neither a selected or elected President till date.

As a consequence we are technically in default with both Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Organizations but they have been informed that the undersigned has taken over from Tariq Jafar and is looking after these matters for the Society until a new President takes over the Society.

If the Trust is to flourish it needs an active and vibrant Society as its counterpart.

Consequently the Trustees wish to appeal to the Alumni that one of them come forward and take over as the President of the Society. This was raised at the last Alumni meeting at BDHC’ residence at Runnymede. However the subsequent pandemic caused by Covid-19, (SARS Covid2), has meant that we have been unable to meet again.

This request is being sent to all Alumni and is posted on the web-site with a request that someone come forward. In the alternate as we wish a younger member come forward can I request all those who have graduated in last ten years (1990- onwards) to please make contact as if no one comes forward then we shall go with the selected option.

Trust needs the support and goodwill from all Alumni. I hope this is forthcoming.

Kind regards,
Farouq Rahimtoola